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The State of Florida has adopted Senate Bill SB 4-D: Building Safety. This statute states that all condominium or cooperative buildings that are 25 (within 3 miles of the coast) or 30 years of age, with three or more floors in height must conduct structural integrity assessments known as Milestone Inspections. All Phase One & Phase 2 Milestone Inspections must be filed with the local building departments by the end of 2024.

A “Milestone Inspection” is the structural inspection of a building performed by a licensed architect or engineer. The purpose of a Milestone Inspection is to ensure a building’s safety through an assessment of its structural components and general structural condition.

Additional requirements include having needed structural repairs budgeted and completed timely. Keystone Engineering excels at the entire process, having completed hundreds of condominium structural restoration projects. With expertise from the initial building inspections and reports, to soliciting appropriate contractors and the competitive bidding process, to project oversight during construction, Keystone has proven experience and success in all levels of the process! 

Keystone Engineering has been in business for 20 years and has offices in Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach. We cover Ft. Pierce to Jacksonville and have a fully staffed, full-time team of experienced licensed professional engineers, project managers, and roofing consultants. Keystone can handle nearly any exterior building restoration and weatherproofing project.


Keystone has expertise in all types of structures including Post-Tensioned, Conventionally Reinforced, and Prestressed/Precast. We also have expertise in all types of roofing, from low-slope modified or single ply to steep slope metal or shingles, and life-extending protective coatings. Keystone, as the Association representative, manages and handles the full project including salt induced reinforcing steel corrosion and concrete spalling, structural repairs, railings, decorative floor coatings, painting, window and sliding glass doors.

After the building inspection and report, many other firms struggle to effectively complete the process. Keystone offers the full comprehensive needed services including project specifications and the bid process, with specific and direct knowledge of the appropriate and available industry contractors, and project oversight during construction to ensure the work is completed properly the first time, with necessary cost controls, contractor and manufacturer warranties, and project completion quality assurance. We have proven this “Recipe for Success” over and over, hundreds of times.

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